Reach exactly who you want, where they are online and on-the-go to increase your Credit Union’s membership and share of wallet with the result150 online media network. You’ll partner with an actual human being at result150 to leverage proprietary targeting technology across a network of online, social and mobile media properties to target consumers based on key buying indicators.

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The network

By joining the result150 Online Media Network, you join a group that believes the credit union industry is stronger together and you reap the benefits. The result150 Online Media Network contains multiple properties designed to be present at multiple stages of personal finance journeys and in multiple online locations ensuring a presence for our partners no matter where consumers are in their decision process or where they are online or on-the-go.

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The technology

Behind the media network is proprietary technology we’ve developed and continue to develop to enable smart targeting of promotions and campaigns on behalf of our credit union partners. Unlike most online advertising that is a set it and forget mentality, we’ve developed a platform that continually optimizes our content based on real-time engagement metrics to ensure we’re delivering content consumers actually want, increasing the value of the media network while also provide robust targeting solutions for Credit Union partner campaigns on more than 10 metrics to ensure you reach exactly who you want, when you want and that the quality of those leads and conversion come through to your bottom-line.

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The people

Technology and content are great, but it’s people that make it all go. When you join the online media network, you’ll work with a member of the result150 development team every step of the way to ensure you’re reaching the goals you and your partner specialist have set out. Your partner specialist will work with you to secure your site sponsorships, understand reporting and key metrics, and any other needs that arise during your time with the network. Success doesn’t come in a vacuum, it comes from partnerships and people make great partners.